Wednesday, October 1, 2008

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"The Third Floor Window is a memoir by a courageous and sensitive survivor of incest. Her story is about one of a fragile nature who grows through her relationship with God and finds healing by walking a spiritual path, never doubting that she was not alone. Memories of her own trauma, set off by the sexual scandals of the Catholic Church, force her to face what happened and work through both the reality and the forgiveness she needed to reach out with, not just to her father but her mother. Beautifully written and heartfelt, this story, replete with wisdom and insights, will help others who need to find the courage to heal."
- Marjorie McKinnon, Founder of the Lamplighters

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“ … it is a great book. It certainly makes two clear and convincing points that most people are not aware of: the inability to report the problem for a long time and the pervasive damage the abuse does." – Rev. Thomas Pohto, OSA

" ... I was one of those people who always felt you were a very strong woman and I feel you certainly are, after reading the pain and grief you have lived thru. You also gave me more understanding of the abused person's pain that lasts a lifetime. I can now understand why it took so long for the abused in the church scandal to come forward. Thank you." - Jan

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