Sunday, October 19, 2008

Surviving by Grace

I wasn't sure if the title, Surviving by Grace, was a good title or not for this blog. I am starting this blog to go along with my website, The Third Floor Window, which is about my new book by the same name. I have a blog which is my "Catholic" blog, where I share my spiritual musings.
I discovered I needed a place to be able to share my feelings and thoughts about being a survivor, the book, the marketing and the issues and emotions being triggered by this. A place where I can share with other survivors.
I knew it wouldn't be easy, publishing the story of my life as an incest survivor. This is really public!! Grace seems to be helping me not to cave in under the pressure. That is all that could help with something like this. Every once in a while, I feel like the ceiling is caving in. Then God seems to give me strength and that feeling goes away.
Surviving by Grace is a good title.


Cheri said...

Yes, it is a good title Colleen. I pray that many will be drawn to your book and your new blog. I myself have always loved to write and communicate, and wanted to share my faith in some manner. I was always a little uneasy though about making something very personal so public! This is why I started a blog with Pip. It is helping, but at times, still not so easy. I will say here, that I am also an abuse survivor, though not sexual. See, there I said it!! God bless you in this journey.

Colleen said...

Cheri, So how does it feel to say it "out loud"? I know I felt kinda strange at first. It is easy at times and not so easy at other times to write about personal stuff. But I have found the writing to be healing for me. It has taken me a long time to get to this place. God bless you too Cheri.