Thursday, October 30, 2008

That Same Old Stuff?

I read somewhere that I will work harder on the book after it is published. They were right. I had no idea.
It isn't just the work. I rather enjoy most of it. But this is triggering a lot of emotions in me. There are a lot of reminders of my childhood, a lot of old thoughts surfacing. Old thoughts that I thought were gone. All very overwhelmimg at times. But I know why this is happening. I am talking about my childhood more than ever before. It is staying on the surface rather than being buried deep. Which is good, I guess. Or will be somewhere down the road.
But there is other good stuff too. So many people have told me how much the book has helped them. Survivors of child sexual abuse, survivors of other kinds of child abuse. And people with other crosses, too. When I hear that, I feel that feeling deep within that says, this is good, this is what you are supposed to do. Share your story to help others.
I have my first TV interview tomorrow. Just another example of the fact that I do not recognize my life these days.

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Cheri said...

It makes all of it worth it doesn't it? Congrats! God is with you.