Thursday, November 6, 2008

Who Am I?

Lately I do not recognize my life. I do not recognize the skin I am wearing. It seems to me like I am watching my life from a balcony seat somewhere.
First of all, I have told my secret. My lifetime secret. I am an incest survivor. There it is. My life is right out there for people to see and hear. I am opening up parts of my life I thought would stay closed forever.
And if I want my story to get out to people, to comfort and to teach others, then I have to market my book. And that means doing things like a radio interview and a tv interview and talkng about being an incest survivor to thousands of people.
And if that isnt enough, I am an introvert which means it is pretty difficult for me to put myself out there like that. And yet I am doing it.
I know I keep talking (and writing) about this. Because I am still in wonder ... that God would give me the grace to share my story.

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