Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Book Review

A book review of The Third Floor Window, A True Story of Secrets, Survival and Hope. Review written by Bill Tammeus on his "Faith Matters Weblog" (written on October 11/12 - 2008.) I am just getting around to posting it!!

When the priest sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Church broke a few years ago, the author was forced by her memories to confront the years of sexual abuse by her father she experienced as a child. It's a terrible story of pain and questioning, but as she began to write about it, she found her way to hope by finally realizing that she's a precious child in God's sight. A wise voice speaks in these pages.


Clairvaux said...

Well done, Colleen...I am certain your book will help many.

John said...

You are an inspiration. Thank you for courage in love.

Colleen said...

I so appreciate your comments.

Clairvaux - Your words encourage me. That is what I pray for - that my story can help others. Thank you.

John - I have often been afraid about telling my story. But it seems that God has given me this new-found courage. Thank you.