Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ten Things I Like About Myself

April_Optimist at the Thriver's Toolbox challenged me to write 10 Things I Like About Myself. Sounded like a good idea so here goes.
1. I am Catholic and I love Jesus. (Yes, this is a repeat from the other Honest list)
2. I am a good writer.
3. I am a good speaker and retreat mistress and spiritual director.
4. I am a good mother. In fact, I broke the cycle of abuse. My children had a happy childhood which was what I wanted to give them more than anything. I am also a good stepmother. Having been a stepchild myself, I knew what it was like and always did my best with my own stepchildren.
5. I am compassionate.
6. I am very organized which helps a lot in my job as parish secretary. In fact, I am a good parish secretary.
7. I like doing simple things, like going to the beach and watching sunsets and reading a good book.
8. I am easy to get along with.
9. I am intelligent. I was a good student and I still love to learn new things!
10. I am an introvert. Sometimes it is difficult - it is the reason I do not like parties and small talk. But I have to admit, I like being an introvert. Could it mean I like being me?

OK, that was not as hard as I thought it would be. So, I think I will pass this back to April_Optimist. If she wishes to accept it. God bless!


mile191 said...

colleen, thanks for the wonderful post, and the comments you give to me. I appreciate your kindness and help. love and hugs...hope

ps: i think i want to do this one. may i? and link to you...

Colleen said...

Mile191, Yes please do this!! It is amazing what you learn about yourself. And thank you for your comments too! Blessings.

April_optimist said...

I love this list! I'm smiling as it helps me picture you in new ways. Not that I'm surprised you could come up with so many good things! That's my default perception of you. ;-)

Colleen said...

April_optimist, thank for your comment. You have the gift of encouragement. Thanks.