Monday, January 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I am a homebody. I like being home. I like being home with my husband and just hanging out.
I go to work and I go to church and I go to church functions and I visit my children.
But I prefer home above all. It is a peaceful place. It is a safe place. For me, it is the place where I can truly be myself and relax.
I spent most of my childhood being afraid of home. Never feeling safe there. Home was where I was abused. When I got married, I was bound and determined that my home would be a safe place for my children. And it was. It was a home of laughter and love and God.
We live in an empty nest now. It is still a happy home, only quieter. But it is still safe. And peaceful. And still a home of laughter and love and God. Which is why I like it.
And why I would rather be home than anywhere else.


April_optimist said...

Oh, I am sooooo with you on this Colleen!!! I love my home. I love the peace and quiet and how safe it feels. My home growing up wasn't safe or quiet either and like you I was determined it would be different for my children--which it was. Isn't it wonderful that NOW we can create safe and happy homes?

Colleen said...

Thanks for your comment! You are so right - it is wonderful that we now can create and live in safe homes. What a gift for ourselves and for our children.