Monday, February 2, 2009

Wow ... Love that Letter W

Found this fun game on One Prayer Girl and Steveroni who gave me the letter W and the rules in case any of you want to join in.
RULES:You are assigned a random letter and you should then post (on your blog) 10 things that you love that begin with that letter. if you read this and want to play, leave a comment that says so, and I'll assign you a random letter. And on and on it goes.
Ten Things I Love About the Letter W
1.Water - I love water. Not just to drink, but I love being near water. I love lakes and rivers and oceans. Sit me in a chair by the sea and I am happy as can be.
2. Waves - This goes with No. 1. I love sitting by the beach.
3.Winter - I live in the south so winter for me means 30 to 40 degree temps a few weeks out of the year. It is such a nice change from humid and hot weather. I love opening up the house and letting the cool air in. Such a small thing, but I love it.
4. Wonder - I love the gift of Wonder. My children taught me about wonder. We would go for a walk and they would want to stop and look at every little thing. I would like to be able to see things through the eyes of a child. I missed a lot of my childhood because I had to grow up too fast. The gift of wonder helps me to see God in a special way - with awe.
5. Winnie the Pooh - Oh, I love Winnie the Pooh and have loved him and all the characters for years. Winnie has such wisdom for all ages. It goes along with wanting to see things through the eyes of a child.
6. Warm – I like feeling warm and I like warm-hearted people.

7. Wax candles - This may be cheating saying Wax candles, but I really love my candles. I light them almost every evening. Makes me feel at home and at peace for some reason.
8. Worship - I love going to Mass to worship God.
9. Worth - I have not always had a good sense of self-worth, but I have been working on that. And, as a Christian, I believe that we all have value, we all have worth.
10. Woman - All I can think of is that Helen Reddy song - I am Woman, Hear Me Roar! Oh gosh, I am probably dating myself with that song. But I really do like being a woman. I do not like all the ways I have been treated as a woman, but I like being a woman. I think women are special. Especially women who have been abused like me and have survived. In fact, we have more than survived, we have thrived. We are pretty special people.

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