Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saying No

I always try to do too much. I think I am still trying to please people. I think I am still trying to be perfect.
Sometimes I have the courage to say no. Sometimes I actually take good care of myself and put myself first.
Last week I should have gone to a function at my church. I should have. That word should is usually a signal that I am doing something out of guilt. And I felt so tired. I told my hubby and he said to me – Have you ever heard of Sabbath rest?
Ahhh. The words that gave me permission to just say no.


Just Be Real said...

I use the word "should," also a little too much!

Colleen said...

My spiritual director is the one who told me that the word "should" is one I need to be aware of using too much. It is good to be aware. Helps to keep us "real!" Right? :)Blessings!