Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

This month's Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse is available now at Survivors Can Thrive. There are many great blogs to read so check them out. This month's theme: Remembering Veteran Survivors.


little sparrow , florasita , sticklady , strong tree woman said...

Colleen you are such a blessing ! Thank you for all the listings etc. regarding abuse . I am finding so much info , connections etc.
I am looking for a site with stats& facts regarding sexual abuse for a post I wish to write on myth & fact . If you have a link for sites with that type of info please if you can pass it on to me .
It is such inspiration to have others who are healed / healing supporting each other . Thanks again . Roxie

Colleen said...

Thanks for writing. I agree that it is an inspiration to have people helping each other like this. It is good to be people who understand and have been there. My website has a link to a place that lists all kinds of resources and sites. I will put it on my blog and also visit your site with the link for you.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Hey, thanks for promoting the carnival. I appreciate it.

Colleen said...

Absolutely! I appreciate you hosting the carnival. It is really a great way for us survivors to support each other and to inform others as well.