Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finding Joy

One of my favorite blog posts (for both blogs) is the one I wrote about the joy I felt when driving my Bug convertible with the top down. It was fun to write and I loved the comments I received.
The other day I was reading a reflection from Merton that I receive weekly from the Merton Institute for Contemplative Living. In this reflection taken from one of his journals, Entering the Silence, Thomas Merton writes about the first time he drove a car. In this case it was a jeep. Actually he didn't just drive it, he went "mudding!" He didn't put it that way but it sure sounded like it!!
And he had the time of his life!! He was told never to take the jeep out again but I don't think he cared about that. Thomas Merton had fun.
Guess I am not alone in some of the simple ways that I have found joy! Sometimes we don't find it - it finds us.
And then we thank God.


Just Be Real said...

Well, aren't you the cute one!!! Love the picture! And I love that you are engaging in some simple fun Colleen! Love the story, thank you, as always for sharing dear one!

Colleen said...

Just Be Real, thank you! Glad you love the story. Even writing it was fun!

peppermint patty said...

Love the Bug (Love Bug) and the message!

Life's simple pleasures are the best!

We can learn from our pets, who live in the moment and take the greatest joy in the breeze on their face, a walk, or the grass underfoot.

Happy Friday, Colleen!

Colleen said...

Thank you Patty! You are right, the simple pleasures are the best. I love the idea of living a simple life, and learning to live in the moment. God bless.

peppermint patty said...

Dear Colleen, today I posted about the "true origins of mother's day." I'm letting you know because I think you'll find it as significant as I do. Have a blessed day!

mile191 said...

This is such a refreshing post, so much what I needed to read. Thanks for sharing this side of you. How fun. I love the new blog look, it has been a while since I have been out in blogger world. I like the new look. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

mile 191

Colleen said...

Glad you enjoyed the fun post!! I just changed the blog this past week. Glad you like it. And welcome back to blogger world!! We all have to retreat sometimes. God bless.