Friday, June 5, 2009

Becoming Real

Sometimes I still fall into that old pattern of being what some people would call, a "people-pleaser. I avoid confrontations as much as I can. I am often afraid of what others are thinking about me. I want people to like me and to be pleased with me. I avoid "rocking" the boat.
I have become better over the years with being more true to myself and my feelings, of being Real. It is often an uphill struggle, or so it seems. In the Velveteen Rabbit, that classic written by Margery Williams, the Skin Horse tells the rabbit that becoming real doesn't happen all at once, it takes a long time. Oh, how true that is.
I keep trying to be the perfect daughter, the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect Christian. That becomes very tiring. Even exhausting. I think I just need to take care of my own fragile heart.
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Just Be Real said...

I was just given this book recently. Looking forward to one day reading it. Blessings to you dear one.

Colleen said...

JBR, it is a great book! You will like it. I found it to be comforting to me. Thanks for stopping by. Blessings to you.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Wow! This is so well-said and to the point. I want you to take care of your beautiful heart, too.

Colleen said...

Marj, thank you for your kind words. They help my heart!! God bless.