Monday, July 20, 2009

My Choice, My Voice

There was a time when I had no choice, when I had no choice over what was happening to me, what was being done to me.
I had no choice, I had no voice. I could not tell.
Today I choose.
No one chooses for me. No one can tell me who I am. No one can tell me what I have been through or what kind of pain I have experienced. No one can tell me how long it will take me to forget or how long it will take me to heal completely. No one can tell me how I feel or how I am supposed to feel.
I am learning to listen to my inner voice. I am learning to listen to those who love me and care for me. I am learning to listen to those who have survived what I have survived. I am learning to listen to the Spirit within.
Today I choose.
Today I choose to look at how far I have come rather than look at how far I have to go.
Today I choose to see myself as a sensitive, caring, intelligent woman who is worthy of tender, loving care.
Today I choose to see myself as a mother who broke the cycle of abuse and raised her children in a healthy, happy, stable and loving home.
Today I choose to see myself as a wife who has loved her husband with all her heart for the past thirty years.
Today I choose to see myself as a beloved daughter of the Father, grateful beyond measure for His everlasting love and His healing presence in my life.
Today I have a choice. Today I have a voice.


VICKI IN AZ said...

Beautifully said!!
Like Poetry.
These words flow like a healing balm through my soul and remind me to look up and be grateful.
Thank you so much for sharing them with me.
Thank you for joining my blog, I can not tell you how much that meant to me. I love all of the Good and Wonderful gifts of the Spirit, we have so much in Common and it is my great joy to know that you recognize this as I do!

If it would be ok with you, may I copy this post of course with your name on it and put it in my Thriver's notebook for times when I need to read just such uplifting words of comfort?
Thanks and Lots of Love,

Just Be Real said...

Colleen great post with so much to offer. Learning to listen, hard but essential. Looking at the positive, to look how far you have come than how far you have to go! Then to see yourself in a positive light, awesome! Thank you for sharing dear one!


Colleen said...

Vicki, thank you for your kind words and for your support. I am so glad to hear the words - like a healing balm - because that was what I hoped they would be. We do seem to have a lot in common.
Yes, you may copy my post. God bless.

Just Be Real, thank you! You sure saw what I meant to convey! Glad you liked it. Means a lot. God bless.

Wanda's Wings said...

What an inspiration to those of us that are healing.

Colleen said...

Wanda, thank you. Your words encourage me. God bless.

rox said...

Yes You Do ! have choice that is lol
way to go beautiful sister Colleen !

Colleen said...

Thanks Rox!! I appreciate your support! God bless.

sarah said...

I love this post. Sarah

Patricia Singleton said...

I love knowing that I have choices. That has been the most freeing thing that I have learned from my recovery. This article gives hope to those still struggling. Well done.

Colleen said...

Sarah, thank you. I am glad you liked my post. I appreciate your support and comment. God bless.

Patricia, what you said is so true. Knowing we have choices is very freeing. I just need to remember this! Glad to hear this article gives hope, as that is my desire. Thank you.

April_optimist said...

YES!!!! I LOVE this post! We DO get to choose NOW. We DO get to have a voice.

Colleen said...

April, so glad you love this post! Maybe we can help each other remember this when times get rough?!?!? And help others as well. We do have a choice, we do have a voice. And for those who have not found their voice yet - we can speak for them too. Blessings!