Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joy and Grief

Patricia Singleton, from Spiritual Journey of a Lightworker, often leaves very helpful & insightful comments to my blogs. The other day she commented on my blog post, Finding a New Normal, where I talk about feeling both sadness and joy. Feel free to go read her whole comment to that post. And read her blog too!
Two points she made that really impacted me in a good and healing way!
"Life really is full of joy when you know where to look. You deserve all the joy in life that you can stand. "
I love that statement! Especially that I deserve all the joy in life that I can stand! I never thought about it that way before. I want to remember that! I want to look for the joy.
For years I thought I did not deserve to be happy. So when I feel joy, I almost do not know what to do with it.
Patricia also wrote about my blues and the many reasons I had for grieving. Here is the other point I want to remember:
"Grieving is ok and even necessary so don't struggle so with it. Like joy, just let grieving happen when it needs to. It is all part of the journey."
Letting grief happen when it needs to. I do not do that well. But it makes sense to not fight it. Just feel the feelings. Let the tears fall. If I don't let myself just feel the sadness, I will hold onto it and keep it all inside me. That can't be good for me.
I have to feel the feelings and not hold stuff in all the time. Feel them and let them go.
I am passing this all on because it helped me and I hope it helps you. I thought you might benefit from Patricia's wise advice. Be sure and check out her blog!


Patricia Singleton said...

Colleen, your beautiful words made me cry. Thank you. I am definitely ok with you sharing my comments or anything that I say on my blog.

When I first started writing my blog, I didn't make all of the articles about my journey through recovery from incest. Lately my writing has evolved to discussing more about the incest because I do see that it helps others. I have always felt that if my words could help another survivor to have an easier time than I did then that gives my life a purpose and makes it easier for me to deal with the abuse.

Helping others brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I can't fully express what your article means to me. Thank you dear friend.

Colleen said...

Patricia, I am glad that my words brought you joy. I feel the same way when I get feedback on my book or a reaction I get about my witness talk. It is hard to describe isn't it? To think sharing our story can help ease another's pain. It means so much. It keeps me going. Like you said, it gives purpose.
You have really helped me a lot, especially with the latest crisis with my father. The affirmation and encouragement and comforting words. Thanks again and blessings!

Just Be Real said...

Very inspiring and encouraging insight from Patricia! Thank you for sharing Colleen. Blessings....

Colleen said...

JBR, you are welcome. Thanks for your visit. Hugs and blessings to you!

Wanda's Wings said...

Very encouraging post.