Sunday, August 2, 2009


I am going on vacation for 2 weeks. My mother comes to town today. My son's wedding is next Saturday. I will be busy for wedding and then I will take a much needed vacation. A restful one.
In the meantime, I will schedule some repeat blog posts from this past year. And if I get a chance to post something new, I will.
I am grateful for all my blogger friends. Thanks for your support. I will miss you and pray for you. God bless.


Just Be Real said...

Who said you can go away and leave us, huh, huh??

Just kidding!

Dear one you have a fantastic time with the family and wedding.

Looking forward to your repeate posts.

Blessings and ((((Colleen))))

VICKI IN AZ said...

Have a wonderful vacation!
♥ ♥

Wanda's Wings said...

Have a wonderful vacation!!

Colleen said...

Just Be Real - Thank you. We will have a great time of celebration! God bless.

Vicki and Wanda, thank you so much! Look forward to telling you all about it.

rox said...

have a great vacation Colleen and enjoy that wedding . our dd28 is getting married this month too and it is dh first vacation in over 3 yrs.
I think we are more excited about the camping then the wedding lol
Life is beautiful .
enjoy !

Colleen said...

rox, thank you so much... You are so right - life is beautiful!!

Cindy said...

I'll miss you. Have a great vacation. I will be here when you return!

Colleen said...

Cindy, thank you for saying you will still be here! Blessings.

sarah said...

Hey Colleen, have a ton of fun and congrats on your son's wedding. Sarah

Colleen said...

Sarah, thank you!! Will be back soon!