Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanking God for Me

Someone commented on one of my blog posts recently that a priest once asked her if she thanked God for creating her. I do not think I have ever done that. I do not think I have even thought for a second about thanking God for creating me.
Today is Thanksgiving Day. Maybe this is a good time to start.
A good time to start seeing myself as a person of value, a person worthy of care and love and understanding. Too often and for too long I have allowed other people to decide what I was worth. I have to stop doing that.
Starting today.
Thank you, Lord, for creating me, a person of value and worth. A person who has been surviving the battle of a lifetime.
Thank you, Lord, for giving me life.
Thank you, for making me - Me.


Just Be Real said...

Well, Happy Thanksgiving to you dear one!

Quite interesting approach, to thank God for creating me. We are told we are worthy. We should thank Him then. As hard as it is for some of us to do so.

Thank you for the post Colleen.


Susan Deborah said...

Colleen, hope you are well. Remember Psalm 139: 14-16. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and we are unique. There is no one like us nor will be. So you are a craftsmanship and one of a kind. So keeping that in mind, estimate your worth!!! I can only think of 'priceless.'

God bless you.

Joy and love,

Andrea said...

Hope you have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

sarah said...

I like this. Thank you for me....and thank you for you. Happy Thanksgiving. Sarah

April_optimist said...

Well, I'm definitely grateful to God for creating you! Happy Thanksgiving.

Colleen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

JBR, it is different isn't it? A different way of thinking. Especially for those of us who have been made to feel we are not worthy.

Susan Deborah, yes, that psalm is wonderful. says what we need to hear. Priceless we all are. Thanks so much and God bless.

Andrea, thank you so much!

April, you are so kind and always encouraging. I too am grateful for you.

sarah, thank you! I love that. Makes a wonderful prayer doesn't it? Blessings.

Patricia Singleton said...

Colleen and Susan, I love the idea that we each are priceless. Blessings to you both. I also thank God for you and for me. What a wonderful Thanksgiving gift for each of us who reads this.

Colleen said...

Patricia, yes, we need to remember that each of us is priceless. It is so difficult at times. But we can help each other remember. Thanks for stopping by and happy Thanksgiving! and I thank God for you!