Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Talk

My talk on Tuesday went very well. I told my story and had a question and answer period afterward which went very well. It is the first time I have done that and it provided an opportunity to teach more about the effects of the abuse.
I am so amazed. The joy I felt in telling my story. It happens all the time. I wrote about this on my Catholic blog yesterday. It is as if I become this other person. Confident. Self assured. Joyful.
Maybe it is knowing I am doing what God wants me to do.
Maybe it is knowing that a few more people now know more about child sexual abuse and its effects.
Maybe it is knowing that I no longer need to keep this secret.
Maybe it is knowing that I can be the voice for a survivor who is sitting in the audience, who cannot share her/his story.
Doing these talks brings meaning to my life. As I told the women yesterday, I long to bring God's light into the darkness.
So whatever the reason, I am glad I can do this. Even though I become afraid and unsure of myself before my talk (and sometimes after as well), I am truly thankful.
Thank you all for your support and prayers.
Thank you, Lord, for this gift.


Just Be Real said...

Colleen, I am so very happy for you! The peace God gave you to share your story and now you feel so confident that you want to is an added benefit! I am so glad you had such an experience. This make me happy for you dear! Thanks for sharing. Blessings and much hugs!

Colleen said...

JBR, thank you! I will visit you soon! I am way behind on my blog reading. God bless!

Andrea said...

I am praising GOD as HE continues to use you in powerful ways in others lives. I thank you for sharing your journey. You will continue to be a blessing to a world that needs you. You are GODS light to so many hurting people.
Hugs and prayers,

sarah said...

woo hoo. way to go Colleen and you inspire me b/c I'm such a chicken. I want to not be afraid to be seen and talk and you. thank you. Sarah

Colleen said...

Andrea, thank you for your beautiful and inspiring words. They help me! They keep me going! God bless.

Sarah, thank you. I am a chicken too. But then once I start talking, the holy Spirit takes over. It is truly amazing and I surprise myself. And it is every liberating. A new kind of freedom. I can tell my secret and help others at the same time. And the people are always so thankful and welcoming and receptive. I know you can do this too. God bless!

rox said...

Colleen I wish I could,ve been there ! I'd love to hear you talk I think of you being very calming even in tough & serious topics as your blog is too .

Colleen said...

Rox, I have a tape of one of my talks. Will visit your blog to tell you.

Paula said...

Colleen, so happy to hear it went well. despite the doubts you shared strength and confidence and I was sure it would go well. Hope you keep it treasured to rely upon next time :-) Hugs form this side of the pond

Colleen said...

Paula, thank you for the hugs and the confidence in me!! I appreciate it. Hugs for you!

Lisa Marie said...

I bet you did a wonderful job! It is amazing how much can be accomplished when we really feel like we are surrounded by those who understand!

Colleen said...

Lisa Marie, thank you for your support and encouragement!