Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Does Real Love Look Like?

What does real love look like?
Love looks like a friend of over 50 years who sends a beautiful birthday card and writes her own words about how much I mean to her.
Love looks like 2 sons who call me on my birthday in the middle of their busy work day and make me laugh and reminisce about their childhoods.
Love looks like my husband who made me one of my favorite meals for my birthday and made me his first birthday cake ever and I thought it was the most beautiful cake I have ever seen.
This may seem silly to some. After all I am a grown woman. Why get all sentimental over birthday cards and phone calls?
The thing is, I grew up being told by my father he loved me and then he abused me. I got mixed messages and was pretty confused about what love really meant.
But I am learning that it is often about the little things. Like the time that people take to let you know they care.
I grew up not knowing what real love looked like. But I am learning to care for myself and I am learning what real love is and who I can trust and who I can let into my heart. It is a slow process.
But I am learning about love, a little at a time.
Maybe it is a sign of healing, seeing and thinking about what real love looks like.
Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for loving me and for helping me to see. Thank you for the people you have put in my life who really love me.
What does real love look like to you?


Just Be Real said...

This post was hard for me to respond to. But, I am glad that you have these wonderful things in your life that make you feel special Colleen. Blessings.

Patricia Singleton said...

Real love is such a wonderful gift. I think as incest survivors, we probably treasure real love more than most because of, or in spite of, the mixed messages we were given as children. Love and blessings being sent to you from Arkansas. Happy Birthday, Colleen.

Colleen said...

JBR, thank you. I pray you experience real love too.

Patricia, I think you are right. We do treasure real love more. We know what it is like to not have it. Thanks for the blessings and birthday greetings!

Gabriella said...

Happy birthday Colleen :)

I love your blog and am sure you're spreading a lot of good to many readers.

To me, love looks like my little girl with autism when she raises her arms and wants a hug.

Colleen said...

Gabriella, thank you! I had a great birthday! Thank you for your kind words and I just love your contribution of what love looks like! Beautiful.

sarah said...

all I doesn't hurt...and love is in your corner. Glad you have those people in yours...stay strong

Colleen said...

Thank you Sarah. What a beautiful comment, I appreciate it. You stay strong too.