Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Will Be

I just discovered this song called I Will Be, sung by Wynonna Judd, on a TV show tonight. I looked up the lyrics and they had a lot say to me. Hope they speak to you too. (Lyrics below)

I Will Be
by Tanya Leah / Bob Farrell
Been caught in a downpour
of a rain of stones
Felt like an exile in the
world I had known
So I sought the shelter of my own soul
And stayed inside

I found no comfort in placing blame
I saw the hope that lay
just beyond the pain
The past is a prison and I
won't wear those chains
And I won't hide, oh no

I will be here
I will be strong
I'll face my fears
When the night is long
And still go on
I will be brave
I will be bold
Follow my faith
To a higher road
And I'm not there yet
But I will be

I could choose to keep my feet
upon the beaten path
Never cross the open field
for the one snake in the
But I'd rather risk my heart
then never get the chance
To find my way, to find my way
[Repeat Chorus]


mile191 said...



thanks for sharing.

this brings me some see past the pain i feel right now,

hope in healing.



Lily said...

Such strong lyrics. Amazing how song can reach so much further into us than just words. Thank you for sharing.

Colleen said...

mile191 - thank you. Glad you liked it. And I agree, it gives hope. We need that! Hugs.

Colleen said...

Lily, I know what you mean about songs. They can really touch our hearts in a powerful way. Hugs.

Just Be Real said...

Never heard that song before my her. Only one I really like from her is Testify to Love. Thank you for sharing this song of true meaning Colleen. Blessings.

Marj aka Thriver said...

Wow! What a perfect survivor song! Great lyrics. Thanks for sharing this with us. *hugs*

Colleen said...

JBR, I had not heard this song before either. Really got the perfect words though eh?

Marj, I agree!!! Hugs right back.