Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Great News!

Great news!! I am very excited!
My book - The Third Floor Window - has just been listed with iBooks!! So if you have an iPhone or iPad or iTouch, you can buy the book for $8.99 through iTunes! You can even get a free sample!
Pretty cool.


Gail said...

That is fantastic Colleen!! I know how much work writing your memoir can be and to have it available for peeps who have the latest technology is great. What an amazing world we live in.:)

Gail O'Keeffe
Author | Survivor & Mentor for Growing Joy

Brisbane, Australia.

Transforming and rebuilding the lives of survivors with dignity, compassion and grace.

God Whispers said...


So Happy for you Colleen! All of heaven is rejoicing as well.

Blessings and (((((Colleen)))))

Colleen said...

God Whispers - thank you!! Hugs back!

sarah said...

that's so cool..congrats....

Paula said...

WOW; congrats. Celebrate your success.