Friday, November 5, 2010

Self Acceptance

Holidays are a difficult time of year. I love them and I cannot wait til they are over. A lot of pressure at times. I are expected to be someone other than who I am.
This year I am feeling less pressure though. I am feeling freedom from burdens placed on me by some people. Honestly, the only person that I still felt like I needed to please was my father. But no longer.
If my father wants nothing to do with me, then so be it. It is like he has released me from the prison he put me in. I no longer need to perform or act like everything is great between us. I no longer need to pretend that he is a good father.
I can just be me. Whoever I am at that moment.
And I can accept being me.
Thank goodness.


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

Colleen said...

Andrea, thank you!

Patricia Singleton said...

Self-acceptance is a great place to be. No pretending for anyone, not even yourself.

My holidays seem to be surrounded with a lot of deaths of loved ones, in addition to the memories of abuse and my birthday just before Christmas. Today I can deal with any sorrow and grieving as it comes up rather than pretending I am okay. I am blessed with friends and a very dear husband who helps me through these feelings as they come up.

This year I have a new daughter-in-law and a wedding to deal with just before Christmas. My son and his wife had a simple justice of the peace ceremony back in May but still want to do the big wedding thing to share with family and friends so we will do that in December.

We will get through this holiday season and we will both do it in style and with integrity to ourselves. Sending (((Hugs))) and prayers of blessing to you.

Colleen said...

Patricia, Amen! Hugs and prayers to you too!

sarah said...

hugs to you Colleen...

Colleen said...

Thank you, Sarah. Hugs back!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

My husband came to this point with his own father quite a few years ago, and it really helped him. His father passed away this year, and we didn't even know he'd been sick until after his passing, but Russ was so at peace about everything because he'd accepted this truth all those years before.

Colleen said...

Marcia, thank you for sharing this about your husband and his father. This has been very difficult and a long road as I am sure you and your husband can relate to. I am glad to know that he is at peace. I think I am getting there! God bless.